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Performance Dates:
Friday, December 2, 6:30 pm
Saturday, December 3, 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
Sunday, December 4, 2:30 pm
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Information for Nutcracker Families

Update from November 17th


Hello Everyone!  The final COUNTDOWN!!  

We are here - the last Saturday rehearsal - we made it!  Congratulations :)   


At this point - everyone knows the routine at the studio.  Arrive on time, limit food, if at all possible just bring water and a light snack like a granola bar. Unless your dancer is there for the 9-12 classes, large amounts of food at the studio is not necessary. Be ready to focus and stay quiet, listen to Viktor and the parent volunteers; do your best to stay in the large studio...we need to limit our time in and out of the large studio area.  


My biggest plea right now - WE NEED HELP!  Lots of help. Our dancers and Viktor have put in a tremendous amount of time into the actual performance.  


The Sign Up Genius Links are up, and we need volunteers in every capacity.  


First Up -  Security: Black Curtain 


Hello Volunteers, As we get into the final weeks of the Nutcracker we are in the final stages of preparation. There are many positions that still need to be filled to help make this year successful. One of those spots, if not the most important, is keeping our 84 dancers safe. We do not  take this task lightly and we are asking for some Dads to step up in this crucial position. There are many doors that need to be monitored and checked for continual safety. We still have many spots to fill for our security role. Please see the Sign Up link to add your name. 


Please volunteer to help keep our dancers safe!  Responsibilities:

  • Make sure only volunteers with name tags are allowed behind the curtain with the dancers.

  • Remind dancers to stay behind the curtain if they try to go past.

  • Help match dancers and parents at the end of the show.

  • Check/monitor doors and hallway areas periodically

Please arrive at the time listed on the sign up (about 15 -30 minutes prior to the dancers) and plan to stay approximately 30 minutes after the show or until the last dancer is matched with parents. End times listed are approximate.

If you or anyone you know would be able to help fill these spots it would be greatly appreciated. Sign up link below.




Thank you, Scott Greineder 


Also in regard to SECURITY:

It is very important that the only people backstage are those signed up to help, with clearances and nametags.  Likewise - on THURSDAY NIGHT at LMH during rehearsal - when dancers are NOT ON STAGE or in WINGS waiting - they MUST stay in their respective dressing rooms.  No dancers will be permitted to be in the auditorium at any point on THURSDAY NIGHT.  ALL DOORS WILL BE LOCKED except MAIN DOORS.  In the past, sometimes the doors to the gym entrance were used as an entrance.  This year everyone needs to enter at the TOP MAIN ENTRANCE.  It is very important to CHECK IN AT BLACK CURTAIN UPON ARRIVAL.  When entering any door besides the MAIN DOOR, sometimes dancers forget to check-in.  They need to check in at BLACK CURTAIN before heading to their dressing area.  parents can PICK UP at the BLACK CURTAIN as well


We need PARKING ATTENDANTS - please consider!  This is a great job for dads and brothers!


We need PROFESSIONAL FOOD DONATIONS.  We have a small area set up for our professional dancers to get much-needed fuel for their bodies!  Many of our dancers are traveling, and some are local and will have zero time to prepare meals.  Please consider providing some sort of food either THURSDAY, FRIDAY or SATURDAY.  

*Sunday is LEFTOVER day  :)   


PROFESSIONAL DANCER GIFT BAGS:  We almost have everything - just a few more items.  Michelle Sexton will be putting the bags together next week, so ALL WELCOME BAG ITEMS MUST BE AT THE STUDIO THIS SATURDAY, so if you signed up to provide something for the bags. please bring these items Saturday.


COSTUME TRANSPORTATION:  On THURSDAY around 1:30 we will need some people to meet at our STORAGE LOCKER and help transport costumes to LMH.  Please see the sign up link.


PIZZA DINNER - we still need many items to fill in for the dancers to have a balanced meal between shows on Saturday.  All items for the PIZZA DINNER can be brought to LMH Thursday night or Friday night or Saturday morning. PLEASE PLEASE clearly label the items: NUTCRACKER 2022 PIZZA DINNER


RED CARPET:  This is an amazing, beautiful event to recognize our dancers.  Please see SIGN UP LINK to sign up to bring food items.  DUE DATE for RSVP and CASH PAYMENT is THIS SATURDAY.



-All ticket requirements need to be taken care of by THIS SATURDAY. You may continue to sell tickets after that, but you need to have your 8 tickets (or 13 for families with two dancers) sold by THIS SATURDAY. Also, if you haven't not gotten all 4 of your commitment fee tickets, please do that by THIS SATURDAY also.



We are extending the deadline for flowers until THIS SATURDAY. We need to place the order this coming week. We are making our own bouquets and do need some help putting them together - please see the SIGN UP LINK! There will be bouquets for sale at the show, but a limited amount. Please support the studio by reserving flowers this weekend!  



We have had a few people asking if they can order sweatpants. If you would like to order sweatpants, please send Kelly an email at vyibanutcrackertix@gmail.com before Sunday, November 20 @ 11:59 PM. Include your name and the size you would like. Keep in mind that the sweatpants did seem to be a bit on the large side. Sweatpants are $36. Please send prompt payment to @Viktor-Yeliohin through Venmo.



This was long - and emails will probably follow more often these days.  Please remember to visit the website and Facebook page for updates, information and the PARENT GUIDE (ENCLOSED) that lists all the upcoming rehearsal times and show weekend tips!




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